Range of EVA Tool Trays Increased to 20

Teng Tools EVA tool trays go from strength to strength and the addition of 7 new trays is bound to keep this trend going.

In many work situations time and efficiency are absolutely essential. Teng Tools EVA trays are manufactured from 2 colour EVA foam blocks. Every tool is scanned using CADCAM and the shape is milled into the foam. The milling process cuts through the black surface to reveal a brilliant red foam core. Every time a tool is removed a red space shows allowing quick and easy idetification of which tools are out and where they need to be returned to. Every tool slot also has the product description or reference number etched into the foam.

Teng Tools EVA trays are designed to fit the complete range of Teng Tools roller cabinets and the full depth TC805NFX top box.

The 7 new sets comprise: 2 sockets sets, spanner & file set, hex key/torque wrench/inspection tool set, screwdriver and bits set, plier set and general service tool set.

Teng Tools tool control is a well thought through integrated system offering what Toolorders believes to be the best tools storage available. The addition of EVA storage takes the overall system to a whole new level. And it looks great too!

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