5 of the Coolest Concept Vehicles

Every now and again you’ll be browsing the Internet or social media and come across something which looks unbelievably cool. Something so cool that you can’t possible believe it could be real. Then, after digging a little deeper, you find out it isn’t real after all; just an idea that will never come to fruition. Heartbreaking, we know.

Often, these ideas or concepts are designed specifically to garner attention from major brands or designers, and this is particularly true when it comes to concept vehicles. We’re going to take a look at 5 of the coolest concept vehicles that have ever been designed, from the strange to the extraordinary.

Jaguar M-Cycle

Jaguar M Cycle

Some products have a name that likes to represent its main traits, so with the Jaguar motorbike you could expect it to be ferociously quick, powerful and have real bite to it. Whilst those things may be true, as you can see from the picture, the naming of this is pretty literal; it’s basically a jaguar with two wheels.

Mazda Furai

Mazda Furai

Oh. My. Word. If you could describe the future with just one picture of a car then this would surely be it, although it would perhaps be hovering a couple of feet above the floor. This is the problem with concept vehicles, they look so damn cool and will never actually see the light of the day, right?

Wrong. Sometimes, concept vehicles actually get a prototype made. Check out the Mazda Furai in this video! The main advantage to doing this is that hype around the concept gets ramped up even more with people wondering if the vehicle will actually hit full-scale production. It never does, and the main disadvantage with this is that, amongst other things, it makes me really sad.

Dymaxion Car

Dymaxion Car

Concepts aren’t just a modern thing that has come around as a result of advanced design software. In fact, the Dymaxion car (pictured above) was built in 1933! Forget Photoshop, they didn’t even have computers, TVs, in fact it was so long ago that adding cheese to hamburgers had only just become popular. And no, we’re not kidding!

The Dymaxion was a whopping 20 feet long and despite this had just three wheels, with one at the rear used for steering. Despite a favourable original reception, this car never advanced past prototype stage due to one of the three produce being involved in a fatal crash.

Unnamed Boat Design

Concept Boat

A catchy name, we know. This unnamed concept from boatdesign.net is wickedly evil, with aggressive points and sharp-looking edges almost perfect for Bond villains, pirates from the future or just people today with way too much money to splurge.

We’re not sure it would offer the comfiest or most practical of rides across the ocean, but just look at it. Some of God’s greatest gifts are only there to be looked at and aren’t much good for anything else, making this the Kim Kardashian of the boating world.

BMW Gina

BMW Gina

The BMW Gina concept has had me all flustered since I first set eyes on it. It has a hugely unique design, with the doors seemingly creasing as they open. Well, I say seemingly, the Gina exterior is fabric-skinned with water-resistant and stretchable material. Imagine that! The only repair bill after a crash is paying your mother to run the iron over it.

I thought I was impressed by the original images, and then I read what the fabric body was all about. Underneath the surface is a moveable frame, meaning the car changes shape based on exterior conditions and speeds, it allows the driver to change its shape at will and will someone PLEASE HURRY UP AND GET ME ONE OF THESE CARS?! Thank you.

What do you think of these concepts? Have you seen any cool designs whilst lurking around online? Let us know in the comments below!

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