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How Would’ve Lewis Hamilton Fared in the First Monaco GP?

Lewis Hamilton, two-time world champion Formula 1 driver and recently crowned 2014 BBC Sports Personality of the Year, is undeniably fast on the track. The thrill of driving at exceptional speeds, taking corners faster than a normal road car can legally travel, and passing competitors with ease will all be reasons that attract Hamilton to the […]

5 of the Coolest Concept Vehicles

Every now and again you’ll be browsing the Internet or social media and come across something which looks unbelievably cool. Something so cool that you can’t possible believe it could be real. Then, after digging a little deeper, you find out it isn’t real after all; just an idea that will never come to fruition. […]

5 of the Best Supercars You’ve Never Heard of

Ah, supercars. For the majority of the world’s population, these are something to just look at, admire and wonder ‘if only…’ – these high-performance vehicles are often unusual or in limited production and as a result are typically very expensive. The Bugatti Veyron is probably the most well-known supercar as it’s the fastest road legal […]

Top 5 Comedy Racing Films

I find there’s something about racing films that often fails to capture the imagination. It’s quite easy, however, to pinpoint that exact something; the main character, the good guy, the hero, the Nicolas Cage…almost always wins. Surprise, surprise. It doesn’t matter what twists and turns (no pun intended) are thrown in the way, you can […]

Drift Innovation Ghost-S Camera Meets Explosive End!

You may well have seen the unfortunate and spectacular accident involving the Antares unamanned rocket recently. Whilst nobody was injured, millions of pounds of technological equipment was destroyed in the blast. It turns out this included a Drift Innovation Ghost-S action camera, approved by NASA for space use!You can read the full story on the […]

Must Have In-Car Gadgets and Accessories

Having a vehicle is primarily about getting you from A-B. But nowadays, as technology improves, your car can now be fitting with a variety of bells and whistles (not literally) that can make even the longest drive safer, more interesting, more comfortable and so, so much cooler. Here at Toolorders we’ve put together a list […]

Our Top 7 Best-Ever Convertibles

One of the best feelings out there surely has to be driving down a motorway or country road in a convertible with the top down and wind bristling through your hair (or lack of it). Now imagine you’re in no ordinary convertible and are cruising by in one of the most expensive cars on the […]