Best Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

It’s fair to say that men enjoy playing with new gadgets, cool toys and getting to grips with new things. So with Father’s day around the corner why not treat your Dad to something that he’s going to love and really enjoy? (If you’re a Dad reading this, you might want to make a mental note of some of these yourself!)

We’ve had a look around the internet to see what some of the best gifts available for Father’s Day are where you can find them. Happy shopping!

1: BBQ Dragon – £51.99

When it comes to summer, nothing draws a crowd of men together quite like a barbecue does. The BBQ Dragon is a great accessory if you get impatient waiting for a barbecue to get up to an ideal cooking temperature. Simply clip the BBQ Dragon to the side of the barbecue and it provides the flame with extra air, accelerating the fire and the temperature given off the barbecue too.

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2: Parrot Rolling Spider Drone – £89.99

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The popularity of remote controlled helicopters and drones has seen a significant rise (if you’ll pardon the pun) in recent years, and as they become more popular, the drones have become more affordable and better in quality. The Parrot Rolling Spider is an easy-to-fly drone that can be controlled from your smartphone, it also has detachable wheels, so can drive along your floor, up your wall and fly too. Cool.

Buy it here: Parrot Rolling Spider Drone

3: Phillips AquaTouch Shaver – £64.99


When it comes to facial hair, most men like to look good. Whether their preference is clean shaven, a bit of shadow stubble or the full on lumberjack beard, facial hair is important to the modern man. The Phillips AquaTouch AT890/20 is a reasonably priced electric shaver that allows you to control your facial hair with minimal effort and irritation. It also has an impressive 4.3/5 rating on Amazon from almost 1000 reviews.

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4: Drift Stealth 2 Action Camera – £199.99

In the past year or so action cameras have become quite popular, with more and more people sharing their videos on YouTube and on Social Media of their adventure holidays and days at the swimming pool. The Stealth 2 is a compact and lightweight camera which offers high quality recording with minimal weight and bulk. The lens rotates 300 degrees, so you can easily find the best angle for filming. A great gift for the adventurous man.

Buy it here: Drift Stealth 2

5: Single Malt Whisky Gift Set – £29.95

Ideal for the man who enjoys a tipple of whisky, this set can be personalised to include your custom message and offers the chance to compare and contrast the tastes of several fine whiskies. Neatly laid out and packaged, this is a great gift for Father’s Day.

Buy it here: Whisky Tasting Company

6: Subbuteo Bottle Opener £14.95

Subbuteo is a timeless game that football lovers remember fondly. If your Dad is a football fan, this is a great gift idea for him. Not only will this bring up good memories, it looks great too and will be a welcome addition to your kitchen,

Find it here: Buy Subbuteo Bottle Opener

7: Personalised Mug – From £7.99

Regardless what side of the tea vs coffee argument your allegiances lie, we all enjoy a good hot drink. A personalised photo mug gives your Dad a new favourite mug to enjoy is hot drink from and lets everybody know which mug is his.

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8: Nerf Elite Rapidstrike – £39.99

If your Dad is a bit of a big kid at heart, this is an ideal present for him. A Nerf gun offers hours of fun and is a great way for Dads and lads to spend time together. With a shooting range of an impressive 27 metres, you’ll have plenty of fun with this gift.

Buy it here: Nerf Elite Rapidstrike

9: Sennheiser PMX Running Headphones – £44.95

If you enjoy listening to music whilst running, having secure fitting headphones is an essential accessory. The Sennheiser PMX 685i running headphones provide a comfortable and secure fit but don’t sacrifice on sound quality, so you can keep yourself entertained whilst eating up the miles.

Find out more here: Sennheiser PMX 685i

10: Track Day Expirience – Various Prices

Feeling the rush of getting behind the wheel of a Super Car and pushing it to its limits on the track is a feeling that every car fan should enjoy at one stage in their life. A track day is brilliant gift for a petrol head, and will give them something to remember and look back on for many years to come.

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