T3848 Teng Tools – 48 piece 3/8″ Drive Tool Kit

Teng Tools is renowned for producing high quality portable tool kits and one of the most useful is the T3848. This set comprises 23 Teng imperial and metric sockets and accessories, 14 imperial and metric combination spanners, 6 plat and PH screwdrivers, 5 pliers and an adjustable wrench making it ideal for a huge range […]

Evolution of NASCAR

NASCAR (National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing) is the largest spectator sport in America, gathering more crowds and money than baseball, basketball, and even football. The drivers push their nerves and bravery to the limit over a 10 month season as they race at speeds pushing 200 mph with only a few inches between […]

The Most Fuel Efficient Hatchbacks on the Market

Improved economy and fuel efficiency have become big selling points of cars in recent years,with inflated fuel prices, road tax costs and the affects of exhaust fumes on the environment causing many motorists to look for economy and efficiency over performance. Here you’ll find a list of the some of the best and most economical […]