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5 of the Coolest Concept Vehicles

Every now and again you’ll be browsing the Internet or social media and come across something which looks unbelievably cool. Something so cool that you can’t possible believe it could be real. Then, after digging a little deeper, you find out it isn’t real after all; just an idea that will never come to fruition. […]

5 of the Best Supercars You’ve Never Heard of

Ah, supercars. For the majority of the world’s population, these are something to just look at, admire and wonder ‘if only…’ – these high-performance vehicles are often unusual or in limited production and as a result are typically very expensive. The Bugatti Veyron is probably the most well-known supercar as it’s the fastest road legal […]

Top 5 Comedy Racing Films

I find there’s something about racing films that often fails to capture the imagination. It’s quite easy, however, to pinpoint that exact something; the main character, the good guy, the hero, the Nicolas Cage…almost always wins. Surprise, surprise. It doesn’t matter what twists and turns (no pun intended) are thrown in the way, you can […]

Our Top 10 Favourite Car Commercials

For car companies, creating a car advert for their latest model has to be one thing – memorable. Whether this is through being funny, controversial or just plain weird, it needs to grab our attention. If it’s something you talk about with friends, share on social media and that gets people involved, then it’s done its job. With this […]

From Car Submarines to Ejector seats – Our Top 5 James Bond’s Car Moments

James Bond is one the greatest heroes that has ever been on the silver screen. Whether he is saving the world, ordering his martini shaken (not stirred) or schmoozing a new bond girl, he does everything with the class and elegance of a British Gentlemen who happens to be a secret agent. As well as […]

Drift Innovation Ghost-S Camera Meets Explosive End!

You may well have seen the unfortunate and spectacular accident involving the Antares unamanned rocket recently. Whilst nobody was injured, millions of pounds of technological equipment was destroyed in the blast. It turns out this included a Drift Innovation Ghost-S action camera, approved by NASA for space use!You can read the full story on the […]

5 of the Worst Traffic Jams in History

You know the feeling; Monday morning, 8:50am and you’re moving along at a snail’s pace. Clogged in traffic with seemingly miles of cars surrounding you and no end in sight and. You’re going to be late for work, sigh. There are many roads in Britain which are some of the worst culprits in the world; […]

Top 5 Car Myths Debunked

We all love a good myth and old fish wives tales, as they can be funny and entertaining. Such tales as ‘cracking your knuckles will give you arthritis’ or ‘ if you swallow chewing gum it will stay in your stomach for 7 years’ and ‘eating crusts on a sandwich will make your hair go […]