Chicago Brand Tools – Innovative, Clever & Really Useful

As soon as we saw Chicago Brand patented sockets and ratcheting spanners in an Exhibition at

Silverstone we were hooked and had to have them on our Toolorders website. They are the sort of

tools that you think “why didn’t I think of that” but above all they work well and save you time,

making you more efficient.


Chicago Brand sockets utilise inbuilt cams to bear on the flat, not on the points. This prevents

rounding of the fixings and therefore subsequent problems. They are used as standard sockets but

they are also supreme at removing previously rounded nuts and bolts quickly and easily.  Even fully

rounded fixings can be removed: all you need is to file a small flat face on the fixing and, hey presto.

it can be removed. Available in 3/8″ and 1/2″ drive sets, in standard and deep format, these belong

in every mechanic’s box waiting for that “impossible” to remove nut and doing the job quickly and

easily, without any cutting or drilling.


Chicago Brand ratcheting spanners are equally clever, but in a different way. They use a built-in

hinged  steel flap for easy access to the nut and need just 30° to effect a turn. So use them in the

tightest of spaces and you will find them much faster than regular spanners. They have non-slip

heads  and will not cause damage to nuts and bolts. They are manufactured in polished stainless

steel so can be used anywhere including offshore, food, pharmaceutical as well as engineering and


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