Hilarious Driver Personality Types

There are plenty of driving stereotypes out there that other motorists, and your passengers, will be quick to label us with. Whether you’re a ‘slow and steady’ kind of person, Dad’s taxi, or a pedal-to-the-metal driver, we’ve all got a driving personality, whether we like it or not!

We’ve taken a look at the kind of driver personality types people believe are out there, gathered a few here and added a bit of humour in this fun infographic. Take a look at the driving personalities below and see which one best describes you…

Driving Personality Types infographic

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The Sunday Driver

No matter what day of the week it is, if you’re behind a car going 25mph in a 30 or 40mph zone, it’s likely that you’re stuck behind a Sunday driver. These are the drivers that drive slowly all the time, indicate for junctions with a mile or so to go before they get to the junction and refuse to get out of third gear.

You’ll often see a Sunday Driver in a Rover 75 or a Volvo of some kind that is as clean and tidy as the day it left the showroom back in the early 90s listening to either Radio 4 or Classic FM.

Likely car: Rover 75, Volvo S40

The Chav

There’s something about chavs… No matter where you go, what you do or who you’re with, you’ll always see at least one chav, driving around listening to music as loud as the upgraded speaker system will allow it to go.

If you’re a chav driver it’s likely that you’ll be driving a small European hatchback that has been modified to be a street demon; new exhaust that’s wider than the wheels, new rims, lowered, the works. Tinted windows are a must to keep prying eyes from looking into your motor.

Likely car: Vauxhall Corsa, Ford Fiesta, Citroen Saxo

The Spoilt Teen

The spoilt teen, we’ve all been 17, saving up for our very first car then we see a friend with a brand new one that their parents bought for them as a birthday present or a gift for passing their test at the third or fourth time of asking.

The spoilt teen doesn’t really go many places, just college, to the local drive-thru and their friends house, that’s pretty much it. Maybe to the shops on a Saturday too whilst singing along to Taylor Swift with their friends. They’ll one day make the common transition to Yummy Mummy…

Likely car: White Mini, White Fiat 500 or White VW Beetle.

The Yummy Mummy

One of the most common motorist questions is why do so many people that live in town have off-road vehicles? The Yummy Mummy is the main culprit of driving 4x4s in urban areas that will never even go close to driving off-road. You might know this as ‘the Chelsea tractor’.

After doing the school run, you’ll often see these 4x4s driven by women wearing sunglasses, no matter what the weather’s like, either driving to the gym or to meet a friend. As they drive to meet their friend, they’ll be speaking to the same friend on loud speaker. Mirrors aren’t checked all that much, apart from to check hair and make up.

Likely car: Range Rover Evoque, Audi Q7, Nissan Duke

The Tailgater

If you’re thinking ‘I’ve never come across the tailgater before’ – then it’s you. And shame on you. The tailgaters of this world drive black German saloons in the right hand lane of the motorway and expect everyone to move out of their way. If you don’t move, they drive right behind you until you move.

When they’re not on the motorway you’ll find their cars parked across a couple of spaces to ensure nobody parks next to them. Oh, and if you’re ever following one, don’t expect them to use their indicators!

Likely Car: BMW 5 Series, Audi A6, Mercedes E-Class

The Resentful Dad

You’ve got to feel sorry for a young Dad driving a people carrier. This man resents his car and is reminded of how much he hates the seven-seater every time he turns the engine on. Once the owner of a cool car, free to drive whenever he liked, he had to sell his car for something big enough to fit the kids in (and the family dog).

Now the likely owner of a Citroen Xsara Picasso, the only thing he hates more than the sound of his car engine is the Frozen soundtrack which he hears over and over again. The bucket seats of old have been replaced by child seats which are covered in crumbs and forgotten toys. We feel for you, resentful Dad.

Likely car: Citroen Xsara Picasso, Renault Scenic, Vauxhall Meriva