Ghost 4K Action Camera – It’s here!

With comments such as “awesome”, “mighty” and “a phenomenal range of improvements” from reviewers in a range of action sports the all new British designed Drift Innovation 4K sports action camera is clearly a really impressive competitor to Go Pro’s Hero 4. Indeed a number of reviewers in the sports and touring motorcycle fields regard the Drift 4K as  a clear winner against its American competitor.Just why is this?

Firstly the camera itself. The characteristic Drift bullet shape gives superior dynamics whilst an external mic helps cut down on wind noise. Then there is the built-in gyroscope which provides video stabilisation in all settings to minimise blur and compensate for camera shake. Drift’s well thought through accessory range give easier and better mounting options wherever you want to position the camera. The 300° rotating lens gives huge benefits in setting up your shots perfectly no matter the angle the camera sits at.








Coming soon is are a range of modular options to enhance performance. Unclip the supplied battery pack clip on a separately purchased module.

The choice is:

  • LCD touch screen
  • Battery pack 500mAh
  • Battery pack 1500mAh
  • 4G live screening
  • GPS/Bluetooth

And then there is the camera’s performance. A new Sony sensor significantly dramatically improves the dynamic range and low light handling over its predecessor, the Ghost S. Capture stunning footage in 4K  and Ultra HD both at 30 fps. Equally important are the figures of 120 fps at 1080 and 240 fps at 700 producing significantly better results when recording action at high speed or for slow motion playback. The Ghost 4K has a host of easy to change settings, functions and modes made even simpler when you download the free to use Drift Life App. Internal memory provided is 4GB Nand flash + 8GB DDR3L and to complement the cameras incredible capability MicroSD cards up to 128 GB can be used.

And all this is provided in a camera just 43 x 82.2 x 31.4 mm weighing in at just 120 grams. Whatever your action sport check out Drift Innovation’s mighty all new Ghost 4K.

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