If you’re close enough to read this…you’re in for a laugh!

Bumper stickers are part and parcel of automobile life, they can provide important information, political and sporting affiliations but for the most part are they are funny little anecdotes that amuse people driving behind which show off the type of person the driver is. Probably a lot more common in the United States than over here across the pond but wherever they are the in the world, some of them can be very imaginative but always are absolutely hilarious.

I used to be cool bumper sticker

This is one for the all the guys out there that have become dads and have had to give up their ‘cooler’ car and get a family orientated one. The sticker shows to passers-by that this owner was definitely once a cool dude.

I used to be cool funny bumper sticker


Rainbow bumper sticker

A nice, light hearted tongue in cheek one here, presumably as a metaphorical middle finger to certain parts of the world that aren’t very gay friendly. It’s a fun play on words – light-hearted but gets it’s point across!

So gay I can't drive straight bumper sticker


Big bully bumper sticker

A funny bumper that satirises America’s policy of trying to bring ‘democracy’ to areas that they decide don’t have it, whether they want it or not! So if you don’t be nice, they’ll be bringing to ‘democracy’ to country near you soon!

American democracy


No children on board bumper sticker

A hilarious sticker which does two things, first it’s a joke at the expense of all the ‘baby on board’ bumper stickers meant so that people will slow down when seeing them and secondly it’s a great promotion for the condom brand Durex. Brilliant!

No baby on board


The Dyslexic bumper sticker

I’m not sure this one is meant to be a statement about the plight of people who suffer from dyslexia but is more just a little play on words as if the bumper sticker itself has dyslexia. Whatever its purpose, it’s very funny.

Dyslexic bumper sticker


Poor Mr T-Rex L

This bumper sticker is clearly a statement on the poor situation that your average T-Rex finds themselves in, where they can’t clap their hands. The sticker tries to go along with the happy song until you see the T-Rex can put his hands together. Poor Mr Rex.

Trex bumper sticker

Watch out we’ve got a philosopher over here!

Some people really do their best to tackle the big questions, is there a god? Are we the only beings in the universe? What is the meaning of life? But these pale in comparison to this person’s bumper sticker question, it’s a question I bet every scientist is currently focused on!

Philosopher bumper sticker


This guy is saving the planet!

How is it possible to save the planet, by keeping your emissions down but still drive you want to drive? The answer is well you can’t really, at the very least it’s extremely difficult. Therefore this genius/comedian has done something to appease everyone by attaching twig to the back of his car as his ‘Carbon Offset’, incredible.

Carbon offset bumper sticker


There’s a silver lining to everything

Just imagine you’re having a bad day, everything seems to be going wrong. Your job is going nowhere, you’re low on cash and you look in the mirror and don’t like what’s looking back. However after sitting in traffic behind this person’s bumper sticker, you are reminded at the very least, you are a beautiful monkey, and all the monkeys think you’re beautiful. Would perk my day right up, Me 1 – 0 Mirror.

Silver lining bumper sticker


Homemade stickers are the best!

The presidential election in 2008 in the US was one of the most hotly anticipated elections of all time because one of its candidates (and eventual winner) would be the first black president in history. Millions of Americans backed this campaign and to show their support people used bumper stickers. Unfortunately the support was large, that they ran out of stickers and people had to improvise with their own!!!

Homemade Obama bumper sticker

Sometimes obvious is best

There are times in life where people don’t want to make a joke, or voice their politics or even shout about their favourite team. They just want to point things that should seem obvious but actually might not be. This person has decided to remind the world of what side of the car their currently staring at is. And I thank them.
Obvious bumper sticker


Ooooo BURN!

This sticker chooses play on the common caution bumper sticker that is on the back of many vehicles whilst at the same time, making a cheeky ‘your mom’ joke. Not to rude as it leaves it up to the imagination of passers-by and vehicles behind to unearth its exact, cryptic message…well…actually…not that cryptic!

Your mum bumper sticker


Legitimate speeding

There are very few legitimate reasons to speed on our roads, most of the time it’s to do with getting to a hospital, like if you’re having a baby or or maybe you’re a secret agent chasing a bad guy! These are fair reasons to go speeding, although the owner of this sticker has other ideas, but in truth when you gotta go, you’ve gotta go!

Speeding because I have to poop


Slide to unlock

We have an Apple fan here with a funny little bumper sticker that depicts the unlocking device that is used on Apples, iPod’s, iPhone’s and iPads! Although if you do try to unlock a car boot your finger then you’re going to be in a lot of pain!

Slide to unlock bumper sticker


Sad but true

Here’s a stick I think we can all relate to, which is kind of sad. Work life, and especially if your job demands more of you than a 9-5, can be exhausting and any sense of a social life that you might of once has can disappear as quickly as it once came to you. Prepare for many nights falling asleep in front of the TV. Apologies I may have digressed…it’s a funny but true sticker.

 I had a life bumper sticker


In summary, bumper stickers not only offer us a way of communicating feelings or thoughts that may not be easily said in public, it also offers our soul as we show how funny, or not funny, we are and gives a sense of who we are, that’s why bumper stickers are great! Which one was your favourite?


Photo Credits: http://www.buzzfeed.com | http://www.oddee.com | http://www.danoah.com

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