The Limit Brand Lowdown – Part 1: Calipers

Limit is a Swedish company who manufacture a comprehensive range of high quality measuring  tools in Taiwan. Today we are looking at their range of calipers. This includes standard, dial and digital vernier calipers, related tools such as depth and height gauges and specialist tools including internal calipers and brake disc calipers. Toolorders Limited  is a stockist and distributor of their tools in Great Britain. Over the next few months we are going to be featuring a few insights into one of the latest brands that we are now reselling and working closely with, LIMIT. To kick things off we thought we’d take you through some of their range of precision measuring calipers:



Vernier, dial and digital calipers are fundamentally identical, just with different ways of reading the
measurements. They are used to measure the distance between 2 opposite sides of an object. This can, for instance, be between the inner or outer measurement of a steel pipe but they can also double up as depth measures.  Many vernier calipers are described as 4 function, these being measurement of external, internal, depth and height and most also have a built in scribe.

The most common of sizes of vernier are those with 150 and 300mm lengths. In most cases they can measure both the external and internal dimensions using jaws on the top and bottom of the tool. Much larger sizes of vernier are available for industrial type applications. Limit manufacture steel or stainless verniers up to 2000mm long and aluminium versions up to 3000mm.

Calipers are very widely used because they are such universal tools of great use and accuracy. Used extensively in industry including: mechanical engineering, metalworking, wood working, forestry, science, medicine, vehicle servicing and pipework, to name just a few. All Limit calipers operate to the tolerances prescribed in DIN 862.

The concept of calipers applies to specific depth and height gauges and Limit supply a comprehensive range measuring up to 500mm depth and 1000mm height. A specialised area is for use with brake discs for vehicles with both standard and electronic versions available.

Check out the full range of Limit calipers here. 

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