The Limit Brand Lowdown – Part 2: Rules and Squares

Limit is a Swedish company designing and manufacturing a wide range of measuring devices. In this article we are looking at Rules and Squares. It covers a wide selection of rulers and squares but also includes protractors, gauges and parallel blocks plus machine levels.

Limit’s range of rulers runs from 100 mm right up to heavy duty 4 metre  rules with I section and hand grips. ToolOrders has supplied everything from a 100 mm ruler for a keen lepidoptorist’s field measurement  of butterflies & moths right up to the largest rules to heavy industrial users where the standard levelness tolerance is tested according to DIN 874 .

Limit flat, base and engineer’s squares conform to the tolerances stipulated in DIN875/2 and as well as individual squares there is a 4 piece set for use in workshops and industrial applications. (image 162460901) Applications as wide as sheet metal work and cabinet making can be accommodated.


From the range of protractors probably the most useful across a wide range of applications are the Combined Square and Angle Gauge (image 119180107) and the Digital Folding Bevel/Protractor (image 166580100). The former comes with a protractor, angle ledge and centre head sliding on the 300mm rule. 

A 600mm rule is also available. Uses include layout and set up for woodworking, stonemasonry and metalworking shops but the item is also very useful for the enthusiast’s home workshop. Supplied in a plastic storage and carriage case it is surprisingly substantial with a feeling of durability.




Traditional measuring techniques are made very simple courtesy of modern microelectronics incorporated in the Limit digital level and protractor. The great benefit  is that  measurements can be made by anyone working alone and with great accuracy which is ± 0.25°. The easy use of this item helps anyone work quicker and more accurately than using traditional methods and equipment.

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