Master Rally Car Kit & Chase Car Kit – Developed in conjunction with ToolOrders

ToolOrders has worked closely with Motorsport Tool Kits (MTK) to develop a Master Rally Kit and a Chase Car Kit for rally teams. Looking initially at what was available we were able to understand the shortcomings of existing products and systems and then set out to overcome these both in terms of storage media and tool selection. Individuals and teams in the rally racing family were consulted and initial ideas were field trialled with final changes made before the launch at Race Retro 2017.

Master Rally Kit

The Master Rally Kit is based on a Teng Tools 6 compartment extra deep top box. It is intended to be located by the cars in the race day garage. All 200 odd tools are stored in EVA foam drawer liners which have been machined to the exact shape of every tool. They hold the tools tight and make it very easy to see the tools and remove them. At the end of racing it is simplicity itself to see which tools are out and where they need returning to. EVA foam has the advantage of being unaffected by oils and solvents and is easy to clean.

The 6 trays hold groups/families of tools including: sockets, spanners, pliers, screwdrivers and wrenches as well as lots of general tools and measuring equipment. 1/4″, 3/8 and 1/2″ drive sockets are housed on clip rails for easy transportation to the work face. Tools are sourced from around the World, UK, USA, Europe & Taiwan, with the emphasis on high quality and durability. Each tool is available for individual purchase even down to a single socket. In 2 cases, piston alignment and rose joint work, no existing products were considered adequate. An aluminium piston paddle for single or multiple work on pistons and 2 podgers for aligning rose joints were developed and are included in the set.

Chase Car Kit

For the Chase Car Kit the emphasis was on finding a really tough case of the right size to fit in the back of the Chase Car. After much consideration and trials, German manufacturer Parat, with a rugged plastic case, was selected and the tool kit assembled. 2 EVA drawer liners were engineered to accept over 25 tools that were considered to be essential for a chase care Pockets are provided to accommodate a selection of the team’s favourite tools in pockets to complete the set.

Available Now!

MTK rally and chase car tool kits are the result of an extensive development programme and we believe both solutions to be amongst the best in the world. A price increase is coming on 1 July so buy now and save yourself some money.

Both kits can be shipped around the work and wooden crates provided to protect your investment whenever moving the kits around.