Our new Drift Ghost HD Cameras put through their paces!

Here at Toolorders we have just introduced the wonderful Drift HD Ghost Action Camera brand into our range of supplies. Drift provide various types of cameras that you can attach to pretty much anything and gives you some insane point of view action from the perspective of the person attached to the camera. But rather than try to convince through words alone, were going to let the product do the talking with some awesome videos, and with comments such as ‘that’s rad’, ‘oh dude’, ‘damn bro’ and ‘gnarly’, you know you’re in for a treat.

Fair warning though, some of these videos will get your mind racing and heart pumping, it really does feel like you’re experiencing it yourself!

HD Video in any conditions
The first video we have show’s someone reviewing the Drift HD helmet camera by mounting it on different parts of the helmet and different lighting, whilst biking round a circuit. It’s a great example of the cameras versatility.

Anything you can do, Drift can record it!
This video gives the various ways in which people can use the Drift HD cameras, from snowboarding to skydiving this video shows you really can do anything with the cameras!

It’s not just for extreme sports
Not everything is about crazy jumps off rooftops and drifting round corners! And this video shows off the more practical, if less exciting, ways to use the camera.

Drift Cameras aren’t afraid to get dirty!
A hair raising video that shows off the amazing ways in which a dirt biker uses the camera, by fixing it to both the helmet and the front the bike facing the rider you get some truly amazing shots.

Capture stunning scenery
This time the video is from the perspective of a skier, so apart from the amazing stunts and jumps this video shows off it also showcases the cameras ability to pick up beautiful views and scenery.

Record every moment of the thrilling action
We come to rally cross event now with everything you see on video shot on the Ghost HD Camera, from the spectators at the start to the spine tingling drifts that these cars perform.

You can even throw it out of a plane!
Next we come to one of favourite videos, the fewer words and more watching of this the better, I literally stopped breathing whilst watching this video such is the magnitude and magnificence of the jump!

Or off a building!
Base jumping at the best of times is scary to watch due to its extreme nature, watching it on one these cameras brings you closer to action and a real appreciation of the danger and wonder these jumpers face.

Rough, tough and ready to go
Finally we come to probably my favourite video of the lot, this is a Red Bull sponsored race, so you know it’s going to be awesome. With countless twists and turns, the race keeps you in suspense up until its final moments.

In conclusion we have found nine of the most jaw dropping, awe inspiring and heart pounding videos to show not only the quality of the cameras but also the endless possibilities! Using one of these cameras to record whatever you get up to extreme sports or not, will give you a point of view experience like never before.

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