Chicago Brand range of specialist tools includes:

  • Metric and imperial bolt removal socket sets
  • Metric and imperial stainless ratcheting spanner sets
  • Metric and imperial flex head ratcheting spanner sets
  • Adjustable slide ratchet wrench
  • Veloci Drive dual drive x 3 speed ratchet
  • Pivotal head Hex and TORX key sets

More Information

All Chicago Brand speciality hand tools are designed to save you time and effort (and money!) and will make your toughest jobs easier. Clever, innovative design coupled with the highest quality manufacture are the key to Chicago Brand’s range.

All Chicago Brands tools come with a lifetime guarantee, against faulty materials and manufacture, to give you peace of mind and absolute confidence.

Chicago Brand Grip Tite sockets outperform ordinary sockets. The patented advanced cam technology grips a bolt or nut tightly, even when rounded.  The more torque you apply the harder the cams grab. Each cam is made of high strength alloy steel for maximum toughness and durability. Grip-Tite sockets also serve as a nut or bolt starter.

With their open end ratchet spanners you should never have to buy another spanner again (as long as you don’t misuse or abuse them!) Chicago Brand spanners will save you time and effort and are great in confined spaces, Built for professional use and with their all stainless construction are ideal for the most demanding industries. Available in both metric and imperial sizes so whether you’re working on a classic car or a fighter jet there is a  set to suit you.

The Chicago Brand 8″ adjustable slide wrench is incredibly fast. Combine the slide adjust with the ratchet in the jaw and it works 5 x faster than regular thumb adjustable wrenches. Forged from steel it has a reassuringly sturdy weight and feel, very comfortable to hold and a pleasure to use.

Their hex keys and TORX keys feature a unique pivotal joint that easily secures and removes fasteners in limited spaces, solving access problems!  Pivot around annoying obstacles allows you to get the job done quicker, easier and with less stress!

The Veloci Drive ratchet will function as a normal ratchet when used in the conventional matter.  However, there is a “gearbox” located on top of the ratchet head that allows it to drive the nut or bolt at 3x the speed.