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Toolorders is proud to offer a huge selection of Auto Tools. This high quality range from Teng Tools covers everything you need to conduct most engine, brake, steering & suspension applications plus wheel, tyre and body repair and maintenance jobs.

Teng Tools auto tools are available singly, and specific Teng sets in TT trays have also been assembled to meet your every need. If you are kitting out a new garage or workshop or want to supply new employees with their own individual sets in convenient storage cases, then this is an ideal solution, the range of pre-made sets includes:

·         inspection tool sets

·         oil service set

·         scraper and remover set

·         hose clamp set

·         hook and pick set

·         wheel service tool set

·         pry bar set

·         torque stick set

·         specialist socket set

Also featured are Teng Tools bodywork hammers and general auto equipment, including:

·         Wheel and wheel nut tools

·         Air inflating tools

·         Tyre pressure gauges.

In addition to the high quality, durable and reliable Teng Tools branded tool sets, you can choose from a selection of Ferax no nonsense auto tools, including both individual parts and sets which offer great value for money. Ferax is a dependable brand that offers quality tools that will get the job done for an affordable price. Ferax tools lack the sophisticated features and frills of other brands, but are still tools that you can rely on for heavy-duty use.

At Toolorders we are proud to offer such a large selection of automotive tools. No matter what job you are working on, we have the right equipment and accessories for your garage needs. All of the equipment we stock has been carefully selected for durability, reliability and accuracy, and is manufactured to the strictest standards and tolerances.