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We stock a comprehensive range of screwdriver sets and individual screwdriver bits made by top Swedish brands Teng Tools and Luna. Choose from one of several unique sets or purchase individual sets to suit your needs.

All of the screwdriver sets and bits are manufactured in accordance with the latest industry sets and are designed to be hardwearing, durable, and easy to use.

Our range of screwdrivers includes:

·         Flat heads, PH, PZ, GR, ROB, TX and TPX

Choose from a selection of different lengths and pack quantities, as well as a full range of adaptors, nut setters and accessories as well as bits, ratchets and ergonomically designed driver handles.

Choose from standard drivers or magnetic drivers and bits, depending on their intended use.

Convenient Carrying Cases

Both the Luna and the Teng Tools bit sets come complete with handy carry cases that make it easy to organize and store your bits. These carrying cases are designed to protect your screwdriver bits and ensure that the bits you need are always easy to find and remove from the case.

All of the bits are clearly marked with their size and type so that you can pick them out at-a-glance.