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The Toolorders selection of cutting tools includes a selection of kits and individual cutting tools made by some of the best Swedish brands; Teng Tools and Ferax. The comprehensive range of cutting tools includes:

·         Tin snips

·         Cable cutters 

·         Scissors

·         Bolt cutters

·         Pipe cutters

·         Flaring tools

·         Hacksaws

·         Saws

·         All manner of utility and hobby knives including spare blades

The majority of the tools that we sell are available individually, and there are three sets of Teng Tools cutting tool kits available to suit most workshop requirements. All of the cutting tools that are supplied by Teng tools are made in accordance with Teng Tool’s exhaustive quality standards, so you can be confident that the tools you are buying will be “Typically Teng”. They come with the “Everlasting Power Guarantee”, giving your employees the peace of mind that they can take on any cutting job with confidence.

In addition to the selection of top quality Teng Tools, which are made following Teng’s attention to detail and trademark beautiful, designs, we also sell a selection of no-nonsense cutting tools made by Ferax. This no-frills Swedish brand specialises in creating simple, durable and affordable tools. Choose Ferax when quality and simplicity matter, and you can enjoy affordable prices without sacrificing quality.

At Tool Orders we understand that cutting tools get a lot of use and abuse in the average workshop environment, and that smooth, efficient and accurate cuts are a must for many workshop jobs. That’s why we have put so much effort into finding the best cutting solutions. Our cutting tool sets will allow you to take on most jobs, and the Teng Tools Sets come in durable trays that can be used alone, or as part of the Teng Tools TC control system.

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