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Toolorders is pleased to provide buyers with the option to choose from an extensive service tools range, including high quality Teng Tools such as:

·         Files

·         Pullers

·         Crimping tools

·         Wire stripping and terminals

·         Nut, screw and stud extractors

·         Pry bars

·         Magnetic tools

·         Pick up & recovery tools

·         Lights, lamps & torches

·         Inspection tools

·         Rivetting tools

All of these tools are available to purchase individually, and are also sold as a part of a selection of specially assembled Teng tool kits, which come complete with sturdy protective storage cases. The tool kit range includes:

·         Teng’s general purpose tool kit

·         File sets

·         Puller set

·         Crimping tool sets

·         Screw & bolt extractor set

·         Roll & heel bar set

·         Inspection tool set

·         Pick up tool set

·         Rivetting tool sets

·         Nut set

Teng Tools is a long-running Swedish company that has more than two decades of experience in making innovative, but high quality tools. The Teng range started with just a handful of tools, but has expanded to feature more than 2,200 tools for almost every imagineable engineering application. Teng also offers a unique “tool control system” which makes it easy for engineers and workmen to store their tools, smoothing your workflow and preventing lost and damaged tools.

Whether you are looking for a few extra spare tools or a complete set, to allow you to open a new bench in your workshop, Teng Tools’ unique blend of Swedish design and Taiwanese production standards, combines to create the perfect set of tools for your needs. At Toolorders, we take pride in offering only the best tools, and have chosen Teng Tools as our leading supplier because we know that they are a brand that you can depend on.  

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