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Toolorders is delighted to sell the all complete Teng Tools socket set range which is among Europe’s top sellers.

Over  80 Teng Tools  socket sets are available covering your every need with 1/4″,3/8″,1/2″,  3/4″ and 1″ drives  in metric and AF, plus combined options including spanners, screwdrivers, wrenches  pliers and general tools. Socket finish is satin chrome vanadium steel.

Teng Tools cases feature:

  •  Retractable handle that is comfortable yet durable
  •  Hard wearing metal pin hinges for extended life
  •  Improved secure locking system with click lock
  •  Rubber feet to prevent sliding and protect against scratching
  •  Clear simple layouts so it is easier to identify missing tools
  •  Recyclable packaging to help the environment

The socket set choices comprise:

Mini sets: 100, 160  or 170mm long pocket cases  

Standard sets: 240-680mm long Teng Tools cases

EVA foam sets: 570 x 375 x 50mm foam trays

Sets in TT trays: 265mm long trays

Sets on clip rails: 100-430mm long rails

Other Teng Tools features include\;

  • 1/2″, 3/8″ & 1/2″ drive sets feature Teng Tools fibre reinforced (FRP)
  • FRP ratchets have flip reverse, quick release fine 45 teeth mechanism with high torque facility
  • 3/4″ drive sets utilise the Teng Tools 72 tooth ratchets
  • Spinner handles with female drive
  • Universal joints for difficult to access fastenings
  • All sockets and bits marked for easy ID
  • Hip grip design for driving on the flat surface, easy to use on worn fastenings and protects against damage    

Every Teng Tools socket  is also available individually allowing you to simply replace single items to maintain your complete kit.

Ferax no nonsense sockets and socket sets are a lower cost alternative and represent great value for money.  

Download Mecca Rosso Socket Sets