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The selection of stainless steel sockets from Teng Tools includes:

·         3/8″ drive individual sockets 8-19mm

·         1/2″ drive individual sockets 10-24mm

·         1/2″ drive individual deep sockets: 17,19 & 21mm

All of the above sizes are available in sets that are supplied on a clip rail for easy storage. Additionally all are available in comprehensive boxed sets which include a ratchet handle and accessories

These high quality, durable stainless steel sockets have six-point configuration and they have been manufactured  in accordance with DIN3120/3124 and ISO2725, for the strictest tolerances. They feature a long-lasting satin finish with clear and easy to read laser marking for size, and the iconic Teng Tools branding. At Toolorders, we sell all the socket sets, individual sockets and accessories including extension bars and adaptors.

Teng Tools stainless steel sockets are designed for use in the the automotive industry, however they are also ideal for use in the food, medical, aerospace and marine industries and in any other industry where tools are likely to be exposed to a corrosive or acidic environment. With correct care and storage, these stainless steel sockets will last for a lifetime. You can use these stainless steel sockets with stainless steel fixings in environments where cross-contamination may be an issue.

Teng – The Ultimate in Tools

Teng Tools has more than 25 years of experience in producing high quality tools for both industrial and consumer use. The brand’s attention to detail has become their trademark, and for this reason their special finishing touches have come to be known as  “Typically Teng”. The Teng brand combines the beauty of Swedish design with the dependability of Taiwanese production, and offers high quality tools at an affordable price. Teng’s unique Tool Control System improves the workflow in your garage or workshop by preventing tools from going missing, and reducing the chances of them suffering wear and tear or accidental damage.