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Developed over many years Teng Tools spanners are winners of numerous “best buy” ratings in consumer and trade magazines and web sites. We offer you  the complete range.

Teng Tools spanners are available in open, ring, combination and double forms in metric (5.5mm-70mm) and AF (1/4″-1 7/8″). A wide choice of ratchetting spanners is also available including flex head.

Some specific design features of Teng Tools spanners  include:

  • 15º degree offset rings to assist use even on flat surfaces
  • hip grip end rings to drive on the flat rather than the corner.
  • all Teng Tools spanners are available made up into sets or individually
  • choice of sets in tool rolls, on racks or in trays as part of the Teng Tools tool control and storage system.
  • all spanners are manufactured by Teng Tools to DIN and ISO  international standards
  • backed by their “Everlasting Power Guarantee”   

Also included in this section are all of Chicago Brand’s range of clever and innovative spanner sets.

£5.40 inc.VAT | £4.50 ex.VAT