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Striking tools form the core of any workshop’s collection. At Toolorders we are committed to bringing you the best, most durable, comfortable and ergonomically designed striking tools for all of your workshop needs. The Toolorders range of striking tools from Teng, Luna and Ferax includes:

Fibreglass and tubular steel handled hammers:

·         Ball pein

·         Claw

·         Soft faced

Chisels and Punches:

·         Cold chisels

·         Parrallel pin

·         Nail

·         Centre

Popular Products

Among the most popular tools in our striking tools range are the Ferax economy carpenter’s hammer – a durable hammer with a rubberized grip, and the Teng Tools 9 piece punch and chisel set, which features a range of centre and parallel punches and flat chisels, all packaged in a Teng Tools TC tray which can be used on its own or as part of the Teng Tools TC Control System.

Expect the Best

Teng Tools are designed with quality and functionality in mind, and Teng’s sets come with a handy tool case that makes it easy to store and organize your tools. The ergonomically designed, easy to grip handles make the tools a joy to use, and the Typically Teng quality and guarantee means that you can use these tools with confidence. You can purchase Teng Tools as part of a set, or individually to suit your workshop’s needs.

Luna is another high quality Swedish brand. All Luna tools are manufactured to the highest quality standards and in accordance with the strictest tolerances. If precision is your priority, then Luna is the perfect choice.

Ferax makes a line of economical tools for day-to-day use. Ferax focuses on simplicity and aims to provide workshop and garage owners with a selection of dependable, no-frills tools. At Toolorders we understand that quality must always come first, and are confident that the no-frills approach of Ferax strikes the perfect balance between price and performance.