Teng Tools storage systems have been developed to meet the highest demands of quality conscious professional and enthusiast users.

The Teng Tools storage range covers: top and middle boxes, roller cabinets, tool trays and  storage ancillaries for the workshop, garage or factory.  

Teng Tools boxes and cabinets  are manufactured from  top quality, heavy gauge  steel for maximum durability.  Assemble your own purpose designed  Teng storage system to meet your exact needs. The range comprises  7 top boxes,  4 middle boxes & 10 different roller cabinets allowing a huge number of alternative options.  In addition there are 2 full stacks of top and middle boxes plus roller cabinet.

Top and middle boxes can be removed easiy from the stck and taken with you when the need arises. However for those regularly on the go the Service case, which carried 9 TT trays, of the carrying case for 3 trays could be the option for you.

The Teng Tools tool control system consists of  over 115 different packed tool trays, drawn from  across the complete product range, which snap together within the box drawers  to organise and store your tools neatly and efficiently.

A wide range of Teng Tools storage ancilliaries is available including: dividers, brackets, handles, bumpers, covers, magnetic tray holders and locks.

Teng Tools steel workbenches have been developed to integrate  with the range of tool boxes and  roller cabinets giving you all the benefits of using the Teng tool tray storage and organisation system with high quality work stations.    

All tool storage items  are manuafactured to Teng’s exhaustive quality standards and are backed by Teng’s  “Everlasting Power Guarantee”.