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Teng Tools EVA  drawer liners  are part of the Teng Tool Control System where tools are stored neatly and logically in trays which snap together and are purpose made to fit all the drawers and boxes from the Teng ranges.

The new Teng Tools EVA Tool Control System takes this concept a significant step forward. All the Teng tools that form part of the EVA system have been scanned into CADCAM machinery allowing milling out of the EVA block to the exact shape of each of  the tools.

The top layer is black and the bottom red. As soon as a tool is removed it is very clear. Each milled slot also has the individual tool name or reference etched into the surface for additional ease of replacement.

There are 19 trays in the Teng EVA range containing socketry, impact sockets, spanners, wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, power grip pliers,  adjustable wrenches, general sets  and an air gun with wheel and tyre tools set.    

The EVA drawer liner blocks are designed to fit all the Teng Tools roller cabinets and the Teng TC805NFX full depth 5 drawer top box.