Toolorders is an approved Teng Tools brand distrubutor. Our full range of over 2000 hand tools is available online. All the tools are designed for professional users in the automotive, engineering 7 industrial trades. They have all been carefully selected with quality, reliability and durability in mind.

No matter what job you have in mind, we have the tools you need to get it done. Use the search facility to look for specific products, or browse our selection of tools and explore the product guide for details of each range.

More Information

Every tool made by Teng Tools is sold with an ‘Everlasting Power Guarantee’ for added assurance. If any Teng Tools product fails under normal operation because of faulty workmanship or materials then it will be exchanged or repaired.  Teng Tools are the highest quality professional tools on the market, and the company also offers large cabinets and tool boxes that can be filled with dozens of moveable trays so that you can customize the storage to your personal needs.

Tool Kits and Single Tools

Whether you are looking for a full tool kit or a single tool, at Tool Orders we have the perfect solution. We have every tool, accessory and utility item you need to kit out your workshop or tool kit and offer the best quality at affordable prices.