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Teng Tools new range of screwdrivers is uniquely manufactured from TT-MV Plus with a special molybdenum content. This makes the shaft harder but also more flexible and gives you  20-30% higher torque rating, and better breaking point performance, than normal vanadium steel.

Teng Tools  screwdrivers feature:

  •  unique ergonomically designed soft feel  bi-material  grip for comfort and extra torque
  •  choice of  round or hexagon shanks
  •  5 different round or ellipse shaped handles
  •  hexagon bolsters on larger sizes for added torque with spanner or wrench
  •  flared or parallel phosphate coated tips
  •  T drive or hole hanging facility
  • available singly or in a large choice of sets

Unlike most screwdrivers the blade has the handle  formed around  it in manufacture,  rather than than being forced into it, thus ensuring perfect straightness. This allows larger blade wings giving you much greater torque tolerance in use.

A complete range is available in flat, PH, PZ, TX and TPX including Power Thru and long reach screwdrivers iand a comprehensive selection of mini screwdrivers.

All screwdrivers are manufactured to Teng’s exhaustive quality standards and are backed by the “Everlasting Power Guarantee”