At Toolorders, we stock a broad selection of Limit test instruments, including multimeters and other engineering instruments aimed at the electrical, automotive and industrial sector.

Accuracy is essential when it comes to measuring voltages, resistance, capacity, frequency, temperatures and continuity. Limit combines innovative ideas and demanding requirements with the latest technological developments to produce the best quality digital test instruments that accurately and consistently give the required readings.

This extensive digital range from Limit is suitable for most eletrical and automotive industry uses and includes:

·         digital multimeters

·         voltage detectors & testers

·         clamp meters

·         digital tyre gauges

·         thermometers

·         vibration meters

·         tachometers

·         thickness gauges

·         sound level meters

·         distance meters

Everything You Need for Accurate Readings

Most of Limit’s high quality multimeters come with the required test leads and batteries as well as an instruction manual so that you can get up and running immediately. The Palm-Sized digital multimeters feature a clear display with a backlight, and ship with a sturdy protective holster and a convenient bench stand so that they can be used anywhere.

Replacement Leads and Probes

At Toolorders we keep a selection of replacement test leads, temperature probes and other measuring tools in stock. This means that you can easily source spares in the event that you lose or damage the leads that came with your multimeter. In addition, we stock a range of batteries, chargers and other accessories.

Tachometers and Gauges

Limit’s optical sensing tachometers are easy to use, and come with reflective tape so that you can start measuring immediately. The vibration meters, thickness gauges and distance meters are also ready to use out-of-the box. Whatever your measuring needs, at Toolorders we have everything you need to ensure that you get clear and accurate readings with minimal hassle.

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