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Toolorders offers you a huge selection of measuring tools, including measuring tapes and rules made by Teng Tools and Ferax, as well as the high quality Limit range of steel rules and sharp edges conforming to DIN 866 (measuring tolerance) and DIN 874 (flatness of edge).

Affordability and Reliability

At Toolorders, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the opportunity to choose the products that are best suited for their needs. For day-to-day measuring tasks, we offer the affordable Ferax Economy Steel measuring tapes and sliding bevel angle tools, while those who want something more durable may opt for similar items from the Teng Tools Range. Ferax tools are perfect for basic measuring applications, and are designed to handle the stresses of daily workshop use. The Teng Tools measuring tapes feature ABS cases, tape locks, and a power return feature for the ultimate in ease of use and accurate measurements.

Where absolute accuracy is required, we recommend the Limit range of steel rules, angle gauges, squares and other tools. Limit is a respected brand with many years of experience in producing accurate, durable and high quality measuring tools for workshops, garages and industrial applications.

The Limit measuring tools range includes:

·         Engineers’ rules

·         Workshop squares

·         Protractors

·         Combined squares

·         Gauge blocks

·         Machine levels and surface plates.

Limit tools are manufactured to strict tolerance levels; so that you can be confident they will offer accurate measurements every time. Most tools are made with tolerance to DIN 875, and are sold with a calibration certificate if this is applicable. Choose from sets of measuring tools, or individual rules and squares as necessary.

At Toolorders we understand how important accurate measurements can be for many engineering jobs, and we are proud to offer the best selection of tools, with options for all budgets.