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At Toolorders we offer an extensive range of measuring, scribing and marking equipment made by the Swedish brand Limit. These high quality tools are designed to meet virtually all industrial and engineering scribing, marking and measuring needs.

The selection of limit measuring tools includes:

·         scribes

·         marking gauges

·         spring dividers

·         compasses calipers and dividers

·         number and alphabetical punches

Number and Letter Punches

The Limit number and letter punches are available in a range of sizes. There are nine heights to choose from – ranging from 2mm up to 15mm, and the engraving side of the punches is hardened to 58-60HRC.

Attention to Detail

All Limit scribing and marking tools are designed with accuracy in mind, and are made out of the highest quality materials. They are factory calibrated for maximum accuracy, and are easy to adjust and lock as required.

The Limit scribe with the automatic pencil type features a locking device and a pocket clip, and replacement hard points are available for purchase. The internal spring callipers are adjustable and have hardened points for maximum durability.

The Limit Scribe with automatic puncher features a comfortable rubber grip, a convenient pocket clib, and a chrome vanadium steel tip. Replacement points are available.

At Toolorders we understand that scribing and marking is painstaking work, and that you need equipment that you can depend on. That is why we have chosen Limit as our leading supplier. The attention to detail and finishing touches that this Swedish company provides is second to none. Limit is a premium tool brand, and we believe that their tools have a place in every workshop.

In addition to Limit scribing and marking products, we also offer soapstone chalk which is designed for marking hot steel and various other metals. The chalk marks will not be removed through exposure to fire or water, so this is perfect for making semi-permanent markings.