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Toolorders is pleased to offer its range of Luna bi-metal and tungsten carbide hole saws. These are available to cut iron, steel, aluminium, brass, copper, cast iron, stainless steel, wood, plasterboard, plastic, MDF and glazed tiles.  

The bi-metal hole saws feature variable teeth to give you  faster and smoother cutting. They have a wide variety of uses in the automotive, construction and engineering industries.

Diameters available range from 14 mm to  210 mm. A range of arbors for bi-metal hole saws is also offered.    

There are 2 bi metal hole saw sets with 8 or 14 pieces.

Universal hole saws are for cutting virtually everything except metal and feature tungsten carbide teeth with minimal heat development during drilling, and long life.

Diameters range from 19mm to 127mm.  A range of arbors for universal hole saws is also offered.