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At Toolorders we offer a large selection of tap and die sets including sets made by Ferax and Teng Tools. In addition to complete sets, we also sell a range of replacement taps and dies as well as die chucks and handles made by Teng tools. The Ferax Economy 110 Piece Tap & Die Set is an ideal starter set for a new workshop.


The selection of taps that we sell include: 3mm x 0.5 up to 12mm x 1.75, covering almost every imaginable application. These can be found in the kits, and are available for purchase separately.


The selection of dies we offer includes: 3mm x 0.5 up to 12mm x 1.75, to match the range of available Taps. These dies can be found in kits, and are also available for purchase individually.

About Ferax

Ferax is a long-standing Swedish brand that specializes in providing economical, durable tools for workshop use. Ferax understands the importance of quality and reliability, and keeps their prices affordable by keeping their tools as simple as possible. Ferax tools lack the additional features of other brands, but do the job that they are designed to do very well, and can be depended upon to last even with regular use.

About Teng Tools

Teng Tools is one of the most respected brand names in the engineering world. Teng Tools provides thousands of tools for different workshop related jobs, and is committed to pursuing innovation and technology without sacrificing durability or quality. Teng’s Tap & Die sets are designed for heavy use, and are supplied in durable carrying cases to protect them and keep them organized.

Toolorder’s range of Tap & Die sets and replacement handles, taps, dies and accessories includes everything that you need to take on even the most demanding rethreading jobs. 

£69.60 £46.68 inc.VAT | £38.90 ex.VAT
£174.00 £124.80 inc.VAT | £104.00 ex.VAT
£9.44 inc.VAT | £7.87 ex.VAT
£9.44 inc.VAT | £7.87 ex.VAT