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Toolorders is committed to providing you with the best range of choice for all of your products, including measuring tools. Limit dial gauges and dial test indicators are used as comparison instruments when an absolute measured value is not required. On digital versions you can pre-set the absolute measured value to simplify operation.

Limit is a Swedish company with many years of experience in making high quality, precise and reliable measuring tools for a range of applications. Limit branded dial gauges conform to DIN 878, to ensure maximum accuracy and reliability.

In addition to offering Limit dial gauges, Toolorders also stocks:

·         flip flop indicators

·         magnetic dial gauge stands

·         thickness and coating thickness gauges

·         grinding and welding gauges

·         thread, angle and hole size gauges

·         patterns and feeler gauges

At Toolorders we understand the importance of accurate measurements for workshop applications. The Limit universal thread gauge is designed for squares threads of 2-8 per inch, at angles of 55 and 60 degrees, and pinches between 2 and 45mm. The Limit welding gauge is designed to measure plane welding joint heights, and for use in corners, and is supplied in a protective plastic wallet. The ultrasound digital gauges are easy to use, and feature an automatic off timer to ensure maximum battery life.
Expect The Best
All Limit measuring products are designed with durability and accuracy in mind, and at Toolorders we have had a lot of positive feedback about the range that we stock. If you need long-lasting, high quality tools, then it makes sense to choose the best name in measurement technology. Be sure to take a look at the rest of our range of measuring tools, including tape measures, steel rules, set squares and internal diameter gauges. We have everything you need to complete even the most detailed jobs.