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Toolorders is pleased to offers a selection of the highest quality engineers’ rules, straight edges and squares from Swedish manufacturer Limit. The Limit brand is world renowned for accuracy and durability, and is considered one of the best brands for workshop and garage use, especially for applications where accuracy and consistency are required.

The selection of Limit measuring tools offered by Tool orders includes:

Limit rules

Limit’s like of rules is carefully made to conform to both DIN866 (measuring tolerance) and DIN874 (flatness of edge), to ensure that you get the most consistent and accurate measurements possible. These robust rules are suitable for most workshop applications, and have clear, easy to read markings.

Limit straight edges

The line of limit straight edges is carefully crafted with tolerances in accordance with DIN874 (flatness of edge). At Toolorders, we understand that accuracy is essential for your engineering applications. These clear, easy to read and hardwearing straight edges are perfect for day-to-day use.

Limit squares

Our selection of measuring squares includes individual steel squares, sets of Engineer’s squares in a variety of sizes, and combination square and angle gauges. All Limit Squares are made with tolerances that conform to DIN875, for optimal accuracy.

We also stock Limit Engineer’s surface plates in a range of sizes. These plates are made of cast iron and plane ground in compliance with DIN876/2.

In addition to the above tools, we also sell internal diameter gauges, tape measures, protractors, straight edges, pressure gauges and a wide range of other measuring tools made by Limit, as well as quality measuring tools from Teng Tools and a line of durable economy tools created by Ferax. Be sure to explore the rest of our catalogue. At Toolorders we have all of the measuring tools that you need to kit out your workshop or garage.