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Toolorders is pleased to offer precision internal micrometers from Swedish manufacturer Limit. These high precision internal micrometers are designed to be used to accurately measure the internal diameter of holes, and are manufactured to tolerances in accordance with DIN 863.

Toolorders offer 4 individual Limit internal micrometers with measuring ranges from 5 – 30mm to 75 -100mm, offering fast, accurate and reliable measurements for a range of industrial and workshop applications.

In addition to selling individual micrometers, we also offer 3 internal Limit micrometer sets are available with the following measuring ranges:

·         50-200mm

·         50-600mm

·         150-1400mm

Limit measuring sets are supplied in a wooden box and come with an adjustment clamp. The set includes the micrometer head and extension sleeves, a frosted chrome plated and graduated drum and socket and hard metal measuring surfaces. These sets cover all your precision internal measuring needs. If you require other measuring tools or devices, such as digital levels, protractors, tapes or steel rules, then please do not hesitate to browse the rest of our catalog. We offer measuring tools to suit all budgets, needs and accuracy requirements, with solutions provided by Teng Tools, Limit and other popular brands.

At Toolorders, we understand the importance of precise and accurate measurements. Limit internal micrometers have an accuracy rating of 0.01mm, and are supplied in a sturdy, protective storage case. These high quality, precise micrometers have hardened measuring surfaces and a frosted, chrome plated scale for maximum durability. If stored properly they will provide accurate measurements under normal use for many years.

You cannot afford to cut corners when it comes to precision measurement, and that’s why we have worked so hard to find the best, most reliable and accurate measuring solutions for your workshop, garage or other needs. We are proud to list Limit as one of our suppliers.