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At Toolorders we are proud to bring you a broad range of Limit measuring sets, including micrometer sets, internal micrometer sets, general measuring tools, engineer’s squares and telescopic gauges. We are confident that these sets will include everything you need for your daily workshop and garage measuring needs.

Limit Reliability and Accuracy

Limit is a Swedish brand that has more than 90 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. They pride themselves on offering the most accurate and hardwearing measuring tools for workshop, industrial and engineering needs. The sets come in protective cases to ensure that they are easy to keep clean, secure and well organized.

At Toolorders we understand how important it is to have measuring tools that you can trust, and that’s why we have put so much effort into finding the best suppliers. All Limit tools are manufactured in compliance with the strictest tolerance standards, and where applicable they ship with a certificate of calibration.

Individual Tools

In addition to selling sets in protective cases and storage trays, we also stock all of the Limit tools from the sets as individual items, which mean that you can build your own kit, or replace lost or damaged items. The individual tools are ideal for expanding your existing toolkit, upgrading tired tools, or starting a new collection. We also stock a large range of accessories and storage solutions to accompany Limit’s high-end measuring devices and solutions.

In addition to the Limit tool sets that we stock, we also carry a range of economical Ferax measuring solutions, as well as Teng Tools for those looking for durability and reliability. We are confident that these three choices will cover all of your measuring needs. At Tool Orders we are committed to offering the most choice, the best quality, and the best prices.