Toolorders unreservedly recommends Guide gloves. The Guide range covers just about every type of protective situation, and includes gloves made from both traditional and new high-tech materials to suit all tastes, as well as those who suffer from allergies to certain materials. Whatever design you are looking for, and whatever environment you are working in, you can be confident that Guide will have a glove choice that suits your needs.

High quality gloves will protect your hands from cuts, burns, scrapes, infections, contact dermatitis and other skin problems. If you are handling needles, sharp objects or harsh chemicals, or working in an environment that is very hot or cold then it is imperative that you wear gloves appropriate to the environment and the job that you are doing. A properly designed and correctly fitted glove will feel comfortable and offer good protection without impairing your grip, sensitivity or movement. Guide offers gloves for most jobs, including ones that allow easy use of touch-screen devices, gloves designed for handling foodstuffs, and water-resistant materials.

Guide Glove Sizing:

5  is  XXS,  6  is  XS,  7  is  S,  8  is M,  9 is  L,  10  is  XL,  11  is  XXL, 12 is  XXXL

Glove Designs

·         Gardening Gloves

·         Light Weight Working Gloves

·         Medium Weight Working Gloves

·         Heavy Weight Working Gloves  

·         Water Proof & Water Resisting Gloves

·         Winter/Lined Gloves

·         Welding & Heat Protection Gloves

·         Cut.Puncture.Needle Gloves

·         Cut Protection Gloves

·         Chemical Protection Gloves

·         Disposable Gloves

About Guide Gloves

Guide is one of the most respected manufacturers of PPE gloves in the world. They pride themselves on offering the highest quality, safest and most comfortable gloves for all kinds of hazardous work. Guide understands that the only person who knows what is necessary in order to feel good at work is the person who is doing that work, and as such they make a point of listening to their customers and designing CPN, mechanical, chemical, heat and cold-resistant gloves in a range of natural and synthetic materials, based on the demands and feedback of their customers. Every Guide glove is made in accordance with the appropriate EN Standard to the relevant CE Category.