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Guide have combined their design of outstanding work gloves with a true engineering approach and a revolution in hand protection has been created – Guide C.P.N – Cut, Puncture, Needle.

Guide C.P.N is the range that provides the solution to old familiar problems where there is a risk of cuts or puncturing by sharp objects and even hypodermic needles.

The solution comes in the form of a material called Alycore, a smooth, ultra-thin metal mesh, which, when placed layer upon layer in the Guide gloves, gives a unique level of protection. And probably best of all, unique protection in combination with suppleness and flexibility that allows you to work in gloves the whole day, with the right feel and touch plus the right grip.

Hand injuries are a problem that costs industry and society millions every year. Guide C.P.N provides a level of protection that far exceeds the current EN standard. At the same time the gloves are pliable and easy to use. Previously a glove with this level of protection was clumsy to use and, as a result, often not worn. The protection, too, was frequently not effective enough.

Now there is Guide C.P.N.

Toolorders are offering a choice of 10 models of C.P.N. gloves:

* tactile and heavy search gloves for police & security
* assembly gloves where sharp components are being handled
* hi viz gloves
* winter and lined gloves
* liquid tight gloves
* offshore gloves
* gloves for wet work such as cleaning and fish processing
* heavy duty industrial, recycling and construction gloves

EN388 relates to gloves giving protection from mechanical risks. It is followed by a 4 digit code e.g. 4532:

First digit covers resistance to abrasion
Second digit covers blade cut resistance
Third digit covers tear resistance
Fourth digit covers puncture resistance

Each digit is graded 1 to 4 (5 for blade cut resistance) with the higher
the number the greater the protection provided.