T3848 Teng Tools – 48 piece 3/8″ Drive Tool Kit

Teng Tools is renowned for producing high quality portable tool kits and one of the most useful is

the T3848. This set comprises 23 Teng imperial and metric sockets and accessories, 14 imperial and

metric combination spanners, 6 plat and PH screwdrivers, 5 pliers and an adjustable wrench making

it ideal for a huge range of users.

  • Heavy duty plastic carry case with latch lid
  • Retractable handle for easy stowage
  • Metal pin hinges for greater durability
  • Rubber feet on underside to prevent slipping and scratching
  • Easy identification of missing or misplaced tools
  • Weight just 6.5 Kg for easy handling
  • All items available singly as replacements if lost or misplaced

With its good range of complimentary tools Toolorders sells this kit for automotive and agricultural

use, into the leisure industry for servicing and maintaining caravans and leisure boats as well as

second homes where it is easy to stow in the car.  It is handy for all kinds of car racing, DIY servicing

maintenance and work on your 4 x 4.


And all of this for £185.00, delivered, excluding VAT

Want to see other options? The whole choice of portable tool kits is available in the store.

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