Teng Tool Kits – Everything from Monster to Mini

Teng Tools are probably best known for their 1001 piece tool, TCMM1001, available from ToolOrders  in red or, with personalised top box, in black. But Teng manufacture everything from the aptly named  1100 piece MONSTER to a 24 piece 1/4″ drive socket set which fits into your pocket


The TC MONSTER is big. It is housed in an extra wide 1350 mm red roller cabinet and top box combination with 80 of Teng’s clip together storage trays and when fully laden weighs in at almost 400 Kg. It is Teng’s ultimate tool kit covering just about every mechanics hand tool you could imagine. In recent weeks we have supplied MONSTERs to applications as diverse as one of the largest Super Yachts in the Med, a major laboratory in the Middle East and a super keen enthusiast for his own home workshop in the North of England.






If that is simply too big for your needs ToolOrders supplies all of Teng’s 5 service cases. These are fully portable tool kits supplied in a tough flight case with suspension wheels, 2 carry handles and a retractable handle for ultimate convenience. All the cases are full of Teng’s tool trays and at 500 x 400 x 240 mm and weighing between 14 and 18 Kg are really useful for any technician on the go.

And if none of the cases exactly fit your needs we can help you fill an empty case with the tool trays you need.





At the other end of the scale from the MONSTER are specialised mini tool kits such as the 24 piece 1/4″ socket set with ratchet.  With ratchet, accessories, 10 sockets and a handy selection of bits this measures in at 170 x 90 x 35 mm and weighs less than a pound (450 g).

You can find all of Teng Tools tool kits with great discounted prices in the shop.

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