Teng Tools biggest ever tool kit, the TCMONSTER is here

Teng Tools are renowned for the quality, and great value for money, of their tool kits. From small portable cases of 48 to 60 tools through service cases right up to the 1001 and 1055 tool kits Teng have all your requirements covered. Or so we thought!

Teng Tools have now  introduced the TCMONSTER mechanics tool kit with 1300 tools.  To accommodate this impressive collection the kit utilises extra wide 10 drawer top box and 9 drawer roller cabinet to house the 81 trays of tools. The trays have dove tail joints which click together to secure the trays in their position but allowing you to personalise exactly how and where you want to store them.


The TCMONSTER features:

  • 81 trays of tool
  • drawers that slide fully open for easy access to EVERY tool
  • spare space for up to 5 further tool trays
  • every tool can be replaced individually and economically if mislaid
  • combination locks, no more lost keys
  • heavy gauge  all steel construction with five stage rust treatment and powder coated for a high quality, long life finish
  • EVA mats in every drawer to prevent scratching
  • 5″ soft wheels and soft grip handle to ease manoeuvrabilty

A tool for everything and everything in its place! Check out the TCMONSTER and its contents here.

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