Teng x ToolOrders x KartPit – New karting sponsorship

Teng Tools is a significant sponsor of the burgeoning sport of Karting. Colin North, who looks after motorsport sponsorship for Teng Tools UK, says that the sponsorship is across a wide range of
categories and includes:

  • Freddie Housley in Bambinos, who currently leads the Championship
  • Jac Maybin in Super One
  • Parker Motorsport in Long Track Gear Box Karting
  • Jade Karts with Scott & Ross Allen
  • Jack Barber in F100 "Spirit of the 90s" Karting

They were also title sponsors of the highly successful and well attended Shenington Teng Tools Kart Superprix in mid July.

Colin, with years of experience of all forms of motorsport, has worked with a number of experts in the field to develop a range of tool kits especially for Karting and these are now available through
the Kart Pit website in conjunction with major Teng Tools distributor ToolOrders .

There are 8 kits in total:

  • 1055 piece and 430 piece kits covering every need for the factory workshop
  • 2 smaller toolkits for race day, which can be personalised for you free of charge
  • A top box for you to fill with your selection of tools, which can also be personalised
  • 2 highly portable & rugged plastic service cases ideal for the pits or on the starting grid
  • A soft carry bag with basic kit and loads of space for all your other tools.

Take a look at the full range over on KartPit.com.

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