There I fixed it! Toolorders favourite bodge jobs and car repair fails!

Our vehicles are part of us, they can be one of the most important things in our lives from the way we travel around with our families, getting to work, to a show of stature. So you look after your vehicle the best you can and hope that you won’t need any major repairs on it, sometimes however this cannot be helped. Now most of us would take it to a garage or have a mechanic come take a look but there are some people, who in their infinite wisdom, believe that they can make amateur mechanic and the results are both sad and dangerous but always pretty funny. Join us as we take a look at our favourite bodge jobs and car repair failures!

Cutlery catastrophe!

Fork door handle

Obviously being able to get out of your car is extremely important because…well otherwise you’d be stuck in it and you’d miss the outside world! Problem is that if you get one of those horrible plastic door handles and have the strength of Hercules, then it is possible to break them. This hulk-like person has obviously done just that and instead of replacing it with another handle, has decided with their tiny hulk-like brain to use a fork and a broken fork at that!

One very proud owner

Fake Mercedes logo

People love their cars, they can pine over them for years, spending hours and days cleaning them, upgrading them and just generally making sure they are in pristine condition. This is of course completely understandable, people spend a lot of money on their vehicles and they’re entitled to love them! This owner clearly has a love for his Mercedes, as after all it’s a big brand, an expensive brand and usually top quality! The true mark of a Mercedes is the sought after hood ornament at the front of the car. Sadly it looks like this man has lost his precious ornament, and by way of grieving has decided the next best thing would be this wonderful bodged attempt with some wire or an old coat hanger. I’ve got to say it’s a good effort on their behalf!


Wanted one tire…and a brain!

Wheel replacement

Now normally I’m the kind of person who likes to give people a chance, I try to look at things from every angle, get inside a person’s mind and try to understand why they do things…but I cannot fathom for a second what the genius behind this monstrosity was thinking when they created this! I’m not even sure how it works; all I know is if this person may well be a prime contender for the Darwin Awards.

P.S. I took a walk in this persons mind and got lost in the empty, damp, darkness.


Red Bull fixes everything

Red Bull exhaust

For some, including myself, Red Bull is fantastic. It helps concentration, builds up a large amount of energy and as the famous advert goes ‘it gives you wings’ (it really does). But it seems this person has taken the energy drinks capabilities to another level as they believe that it can also fix exhausts – maybe they were hoping to make their car fly?


Fold-up chairs are for every occasion

Fold up car seat

Personally I’m of the opinion that the ‘fold-up chair’ is an overlooked technological specialty of human development. You often need spare chairs for extra guests and that just takes up space, but with the fold up chair this is no longer a problem! This guy is obviously in agreement as he’s put one in his car as a replacement for a passenger seat – a clearly fantastic idea. But remember to hold on to something, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!


A thief’s worst nightmare!

Door lock fail

Not being master criminal myself, I can’t claim to know what thieves consider an easy target when they do their stealing. I can though that imagine an open door or window, lack of security and lazy owners are all great signs for thieves. At a first glance that is what you think would happen in this situation. A car with no real locking, apart from this bolt lock that can be opened by anyone passing by…an easy target? Think again! The owner is clearly an absolute evil genius as they’ve started psychological warfare with potential thieves by creating the greatest bit of reverse psychology I’ve ever seen. The bolt lock is challenging would-be thieves to use it and the thief is thinking to himself ‘this is too easy’, the unprotected lock gets into their head, they panic and leave the car alone… brilliant! After all who leaves a clearly bolt locked car on show with no one protecting it?!

Either that or they’re a complete moron!


In conclusion there are many people on this planet who believe that they can achieve anything they put their mind to, including fixing up vehicles that clearly should be left to the professionals. I think we’ve shown in this post that these people are wrong and should be probably be shown to the nearest hospital for a quick brain scan to see if there’s anything there!

Have you seen any hilarious fix it fails on the roads? Let us know!


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