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I’m sure there have been many times when you’ve parked your vehicle, looked across to the side and asked the question on whether the person parking next to us is having a laugh, due to their incredibly bad parking. Of course they are usually taking up two spaces or leaving their car at a horrible angle that makes it difficult to get out of your vehicle.

However there are some geniuses that defy all logic when it comes to showcasing their parking abilities and we at Toolorders are not one to pass up the opportunity of giving these people the exposure and infamy they deserve!

So we’ve decided to showcase as many fantastic and hilarious parking fails as possible to not only give you a great laugh but also reassure you that you will never be as bad as these guys…unless you are one of these guys then we’re not sorry!


Sink hole 1 – 0 Car!

I’m not sure entirely what’s gone on here, but I can only think of two ways that this could have happened. Firstly, maybe the car was parked and then suddenly a sink hole formed around them and the car was drowned, unlikely! Secondly, and more likely, was that they thought the hole was just a giant puddle and decided it was fine to park in before plunging into the sink hole. Or maybe they just hated their car and saw this as an easy way out, whatever’s happened it’s a massive parking fail!

Sinking car parking fail

Pools are just not cool enough.

Having a pool in your garden or house is a great way of telling people that you’re a cool guy or girl. You can have pool parties, keep fit and get all the neighbours talking. Obviously this person has decided that this is just not rock star enough for them and throwing their car into the pool will elevate them to a whole new level of cool; I’m not sure myself!

Car in a swimming pool fail


Sorry it’s an emergency!

Sometimes you just have to disregard everyone else in massive states of emergency, even if you’ve parked on a tram line, as this fellow has done here. Unfortunately they’ve parked outside an adult store, so it seems their emergency is sex related but I mean surely this is just coincidence, the store says it’s open until 3am! How long are they planning on spending in there? Either way, that trams going nowhere in a hurry!

Car parked on tramlines outside adult store


Idiot alert!

Some people are idiots and do idiotic things that make people scream and shout when it comes to parking. A lot of the time the screaming and shouting happens when a fellow parker parks across two bays or the infuriating scenario where an able bodied person parks in a disabled spot for no reason. This person has managed to do both of those things!

Awful Parking fail


Try leaving now!

There are moments when humanity puts aside their differences and comes together to fight a bigger foe. One such example is here when one guy decides to park across four spaces. Wonderfully, four other cars come together to make him see the error of his ways…by blocking him in. Humanity wins the day!

Blocked in parking fail


How can you seriously end up in this position? I mean…just how?

This parking fail beggars belief, I mean it’s hard to even laugh at this person because it’s impressive, as the famous Ron Burgundy once said, ‘actually, I’m not even mad…that’s amazing’, and I think the same logic applies here. Clearly we’ve got a genius on our hands, but that doesn’t really answer the mystery of why they parked like this, and that mystery I’m afraid, may never be solved.

Parked in a tight space


There are no more spaces at the supermarket! Fail.

I’m sure we’ve all been there, your gearing up to do your weekly shop, you drive down to local supermarket and low and behold, every parking space is taken up because everyone’s had the same idea as you. So you spend the next 20 minutes slowly driving round the one way system in hope that someone will leave and you can grab the space before somebody else does. This person however decided that they didn’t want to waste 20 minutes and saw an opportunity in an empty trolley bay and having a small car, fitted in like a glove.

Parking in the trolley bay


Car parking crime doesn’t pay.

There are often no real punishments for breaking the universally agreed upon vehicle parking code, most people (especially in Britain) just mutter a low grumble and move on. This person however has decided that enough is enough, as someone has broken the sacred code and therefore he parks his bike behind the car, therefore blocking them in. Justice; crime doesn’t pay kids!

Motorcycling parking fail


He just wanted to be a member.

Being a member of any type of club can be a really important part of a person’s life; it gives you access to certain areas, a bunch of like-minded people to hang around with and some even come with a members-only parking space. This BMW owner clearly couldn’t get into the club and mix with its members so they tried the park in one of the members only spaces, resulting in this, one of the worst parking fails we’ve seen.

Epic parking fail

Carpool? On a scooter?

Carpooling is great because whilst it gives people a cheaper way to get into and home from work, it also saves the environment from extra exhaust emissions. Therefore lots of car parks (mainly the US) have carpool zones for those doing other people and the world a favour. I highly doubt here however that this person carpooled anyone on a scooter.

Scooter carpool parking fail


Meter masher

No one really likes paying for parking as it’s often an extortionate amount just for the privilege of going to the shops. This person must really hate paying however as they’ve run straight into one! Ironically its going to cost them much more the fix the car than it would have done to park.

Parking meter masher


Oh Snow!

Looks like someone has parked in the wrong place at the wrong time because as soon as they’ve gone off to do their shopping, a sudden avalanche has covered their car, leaving it stuck under more than a few flakes of snow.

Car stuck in the snow


Fire Hydrant fail!

The reason you’re not meant to park in front of fire hydrant is because they are needed for when there is a fire, this person however has not figured that out and is on the unfortunate end of two smashed windows to get to the hydrant. I’ve got absolutely no sympathy!

Fire hydrant parking fail


The power of the hotdog

There are so many fails in the photo it’s difficult to know where to begin. First off, how anybody thought they could fit this giant hotdog shaped van into a normal sized garage is beyond me. The hotdog van itself however is pretty fantastic! Although it’s clear that not everyone is designed to handle the serious amount of power that this hotdog mobile has.

Hotdogmobile fail


Dammit I’ve curbed it!

We’ve all accidentally curbed our vehicles when parking up as it’s extremely easy to do. This person however has found a little more than the curb and believed they can take on the giant concrete ball and win, unfortunately this was not the case and now they look a little bit silly.

Car on a ball

Have you seen any hilarious car parking fails? Let us know which one is your favourite in the comments!


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