Top 10 Most Ridiculous Funny Car Modifications

Ever since the first mass produced cars were rolled out onto the roads, we have had a desire to make them individual and our own. Nobody likes feeling lost in a crowd and so people started to come up with modifications (or mods) to let the world know that this is their car and not like every other generic one out there. Over the years there have been some excellent modifications or ‘mods’; from metallic or chrome paint jobs to insane spoilers and crazy engines, people have imagined and created to improve their vehicles. Unfortunately like everything, some of them have not been so successful and so, from the ugly to the frightening to the downright stupid, here are our top 10 ten most ridiculous funny mods!

1. The Roman Chariot

Roman Chariot car mod

The person that owns this car must be a huge history buff to kit out their car like an Ancient Roman chariot…or they just like to cause mass amounts of carnage! Either way I can’t really imagine them to be road legal!

 2. The Smiler

Smiler car

If you feel that cars need a booming smile to go with their big headlight eyes then this person has already done it! Just look at those pearly whites!


3.Real Life Hot Wheels!

Hot wheels Car Mod

I was a big fan of Hot Wheels when I was a young boy, racing them around crazy tracks, pulling off amazing tricks! Obviously this person couldn’t let go of that huge fun and took their love into adulthood.


 4. Bad-ass Eeyore!

Badass Eeyore Car Paintjob

Everyone loves a cheesy, cute picture of your favourite childhood character. It personalises your car, give it a bit of character. This person however combines that with a threatening message…you know the standard cute/death combo, a classic! Or just maybe they just got a different message from Winnie the Pooh to the rest of us?


5. Ohhh watch out…We’ve got a gangster over here!

Gangster car paintjob

Nothing says ‘I’m a gangster’ more than a giant gun on the side of your car. Although I imagine trying to hide from the police in this monstrosity is extremely difficult as it’s not exactly camouflaged well! I wouldn’t recommend saying it to this person’s face though.


 6. The 2 steps forward, 2 steps back modification

Front and back car

Now admittedly, I’m not sure what the person’s goal with this car is, or if it even works. Maybe they just felt like they wanted to mix up which way they drove to work in the morning and couldn’t be bothered to park backwards. Or maybe, just maybe, two cars backed into each so hard that they were fused together by the force of the accident and now go on adventures together, like CatDog! (Lookup CatDog if you missed the classic TV show).


 7. The ‘Jack Sparrow’ modification

Pirate ship car mod

Some of us dream of the high seas, the fresh salty air, the wind in your hair, the freeness only an ocean can offer…unfortunately not all dreams can be fulfilled. You might be hundreds of miles from the sea or maybe you cannot swim and therefore the high seas are but a vision. Fortunately this man has come up with the perfect solution, a Carboat! It combines all the adventure of sailing, driving a boat, wind in your hair and strange smells, with the safety of a motorway. He’s even added some blue tinsel around the bottom to further convince himself he’s currently boating round the Mediterranean.


 8. What’s the opposite of the royal wedding carriage? Well, this!

Wedding carriage

We all remember the beautiful royal carriage which took Prince William and Kate Middleton to be married with its wonderful gold exterior and class. It is understandable that someone might want to borrow a little of that class for their wedding with a carriage for their own. Problem is that you cannot hold up a town or city with a slow carriage, like the royals, just because you’re getting married, and so this is the next best thing they came up with…unfortunately it looks like something out of Shrek crossed with Top Gear, classless!


9. It ain’t easy being green!

Vibrant Green car

Sometimes an idea is often better in your head than in practice, and I think we have an example of that here. They liked the green camper van kind of look, but wanted to keep their interior which is fair enough. Unfortunately this looks a lot like trying to fit into your one of your dads shirts when you was about 6, hilarious but ridiculous. Unless this is the intended purpose of course?!


10. Some people create things others can only dream

Extended wheel car

There are times in life when you simply have to bow down to people. Some are mavericks, who take your breath away and others are geniuses who astound you with their wit and knowledge.

The person driving this car is clearly both of them and where as you and I would have bought a new wheel or maybe a brand new car, this Einstein has clearly decided that all he needs is a stabiliser-like device attached to his wheel and they are away. I applaud you for taking man-kind to the next level!


And so in summary, not everything people create for their cars is very good or even safe for that matter. If you see any of these geniuses on the road then I offer you all a bit of sounds advice, stay away!  Let us know if you’ve spotted any crazy car mods in your travels using the comments box below!



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