Typically Teng Tools

Teng Tools was established over 30 years ago with the clear belief that to sell high quality tools  success would lie in the detail. This belief has, in the past 3 decades, come to be known as “Typically Teng”. Today Teng manufacture nearly 3000 tools and tool storage systems.

So what is “Typically Teng”? At its most basic it is developing the best design for customer needs, using the best materials for the job and manufacturing in modern, high quality factories. Take screwdrivers for instance:

  • Ergnomically designed bi-material large volume grip for highest torque application
  • Handles formed around large wings on the shaft for perfect straightness and giving higher torque tolerance
  • T-drive facility for even more torque
  • Specially developed TT-MV Plus alloy steel for 20% higher performance than previous chrome vanadium steel. Performance is improved with a harder but more flexible shank
  • Handles with zones for speed or power use

At a more advanced level “Typically Teng” also shows in the design and manufacture of its unique Tool Control System to meet customers’ varying and complex needs for organisation and efficiency in an ever more demanding world.

  • Big choice of roller cabinets, middle boxes and top boxes in red or black
  • 4 different sizes of filled tool trays to build up the tool kit. Total availability is over 130
  • 40 types of tray with EVA foam lining for the ultimate storage and identification system on the market
  • Every item in the trays is available singly when lost or misplaced
  • All box drawers feature ball bearing slides which enable full opening and complete access to every tool, and also soft closing

The wide Teng Tools range caters to mechanics and craftsmen within industry, engineering, workshops, the automotive and construction sectors. Teng works closely with its customers on new application and product development using a policy of continuous innovation and improvement

Their customers are found in all fields from large industrial companies and vehicle

manufacturers to the major names within racing, as well as your neighbour in his garage. Anyone, in fact, who wants and needs very high quality tools, and well thought out storage solutions, at a fair price.

The key to Teng’s continuing success lies in innovative and customer focussed Swedish design married to sound Taiwanese production using the highest quality materials. And all this allows Teng Tools to offer its lifetime Everlasting Power Guarantee on all its products.

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